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East Coast Tasmania

Looking for something to do on the East Coast of Tasmania?  Secret River Tours provides a personalised service for the adventurous traveller looking for a unique Tasmanian kayaking experience.  Secret River Tours features the luxury class, Hobie Pro Angler kayak, famous for its stability, safety, efficiency and superior comfort making your experience a memorable one for all the right reasons.  Secret River Tours will let you in on the closely guarded secrets of the bays and rivers of North East Tasmania.




George's Bay St Helens

Georges Bay is a world class flat water kayaking destination.  The view is diverse and beautiful, from the modern holiday houses lining the southern shoreline to the bustling wharf, flanking downtown St Helens, to paper bark lined marshlands, rolling green hills and distant blue mountains, to tranquil pristine secluded sandy beaches framed by huge granite boulders covered in red lichen with a back drop of open eucalypt forests.


Scamander River

Scamander River is a kayakers dream.  The river snakes its way inland from the  beach side town of Scamander, through a mix of classic Tasmanian farmland and eucalypt forest covered hills, which plunge almost vertical into deep clear water.  Scamander River is famous for its large population of various fish species, especially the Southern Black Bream which spawn here in huge numbers through spring. The spectacular scenery and the winding nature of this river is constantly inviting you to see what is around the next corner.


Ansons Bay

Anson's Bay is unique, diverse  and breathtaking.  The western shore of Anson's Bay is lined with beach shacks old and new. The northern shore borders the vast eucalypt forests of Mt William national Park  The southern shore has a backdrop of classic Tasmanian rolling green hills dotted with fat cattle oblivious of the surrounding utopia. To the east, a hypnotic wall of fluid sanddunes keeps the sea at bay. The river and bay finally finds its way to a long narrow outlet, in the far south east corner of the bay where the outgoing flow and the incoming tide fight an endless and futile battle.

ans r 3.jpg

Ansons River

Anson’s River winds its way into the bay from the western high country of Mt William National Park through steep eucalyptus / iron bark covered hills and fern filled gully’s.
The river is deep and foreboding, full of jagged broken rock and large fallen timber with rock walls and steep banks that drop into deep tannin stained water giving the sense that you are lost in time or on the set of Jurassic park.


Secret River

Yes there is a secret river, and it does have a name but I can’t tell you because,,,well,,, it’s a secret.  Why is it a secret?  Secret River is not well known, not even by Tasmanian’s.  And the people that do know about it would like to keep it that way, so I feel it would be disrespectful to publicly let the secret out, however I am happy to let you in on the secret. The mouth of the river is hidden in the corner of a large shallow bay and is difficult to see until you almost on top of it. Secret River is a special place. Isolated and difficult to access, even by kayak, Secret River is for people with a good fitness level as it is a long challenging day, so if you’re up for a challenge, Secret River may be for you.

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Bird Watching

Tasmania’s North East Coast is the home, and the holiday destination to significant populations of both aquatic and forest dwelling species. Being the most southerly point of the east Asian-Australasian flyway the east coast is an important destination for many migratory species.  Secret River Tours can get you up close and personal to this rich array of abundant and spectacular bird life from hundreds of black swans, pelicans, various species of seagulls, shore birds, circling eagles and dive bombing petrels.


Under the water

The subsurface world is viewed through a lens of crystal clear water. Below is a combination of shallow rocky oyster covered reefs, golden sand flats and forests of sea grass beds that plunge into deep blue channels.  Sea life is prolific and varied, from millions of nervous bait fish to marauding packs of larger piscatorial predators such as Bream, Trevally, Mackerel, Salmon and King Fish, to seals and dolphins that mysteriously appear and then disappear to stingrays, octopus, squid, and the occasional ghostly gummy shark.



The North East Coast of Tasmania is recognised as a world class sports fishing destination.  Secret River Tours promotes and practices tournament style lure fishing with a catch, photograph and release policy.  If you are looking to catch a feed of fish, we are happy to point in the right direction but if you’re looking for a personalised experience with the satisfaction of tracking down, and catching that trophy bream or trevally, and watching it swim away, you’re in the right place. Although monster bream are the target species for most, the bye catch can be very impressive with big silver trevally that refuse to give up,  Flathead, Australian salmon, Whiting, Tailor and Mackerel just to name a few.


Hobie Luxury Kayaks

The Hobie Pro Angler is not your normal run of the mill kayak. They are the ultimate in user friendly kayaks and are a perfect choice for the North East Coast of Tasmania.  Comfort, simplicity and stability equals excellent safety and client satisfaction.  The Pro Angler is powered by the efficient push peddle Mirage 180 drive system which allow you to be hands free and travel further with less effort.  The system also features both forward and reverse.  The Hobie Pro Angler gives you the ability to access areas, boaters and bush walkers only dream of.


Tour Prices

Please book by contacting me via email: or call/txt on Mark
: 0435 914 869  
Prices are based on a 4 1/2 to 5 hour tour 

Minimum tour 3 1/2 hours (Time goes fast on the water :-)


Scamander River

 $80 p/p $40 p/ child under 14 (Max 6 people)

Departs 9 am from Upper Scamander RD Jetty (C421)

Scamander River is a sheltered, family friendly, all weather location and only 15 minutes from St Helens

Georges Bay St Helens

 $80 p/p  $40 p/ child under 14 (Max 6 people) 

Departs 10am St Helens Wharf Boat Ramp Main St 

For those with a moderate level of fitness and. Tour subject to favourable tide and weather conditions.

Anson's Bay and River

$125 p/p  $60 p/ child under 14 Max (6 people )

Leaves 10am Ansons Bay Boat Ramp

For those with a moderate level of fitness and experience. Tour subject to favourable tide and weather conditions. Location is 45 minutes North of St Helens.  Minimum of one week booking in advance

Secret River

 $250 p/p $125 p/ child over 8 and under 14 (Max 6 people)

Tour dates: Sun 27th Sep / Sun 25th Oct / Sun 29th Nov/ Sun 27th Dec / Sun 10th Jan / Sun 24th Jan / Sun 7th Feb / Sun 21st Feb


For those with a good level of fitness and experience. Tour subject to favourable weather conditions. Tour location 1 hour and 15 minutes North of St Helens. Tour not available between March and May due to Parks and Wildlife restrictions. Minimum of one week booking in advance.

Secret River Tours are happy to work with you to design a custom made tour.  It may be bird watching tours over several days and locations It may be a marriage proposal on a secluded beach with the backdrop of a spectacular sunset or a four day fishing marathon for the hard core angler. Secret River Tours are happy to negotiate custom tour prices and discounts for multiple days.   Please contact us via email for more information.



If you would like to find out more information or book a tour through email or mobile phone, please feel free to contact us via the information below.  You can also contact us via facebook.

0435 914 869


0435 914 869

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