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Kayak Demonstration

4 h +  Tours

$125 p/a (Single or couples)

$100 p/a  3 or more p  

$60 p/ ch/u 16 (Max 6 p)

2 h short tour

$60 p/p $250 p/f (5 or more)


Watch video above!!!

Kayaks are Pedal NOT paddle!!!


How many people can go?   Min of 1 and Max of 6

How old?  Toddlers to 120 years old

How long do they go for ?   2 hours / 4 hours + or however long you like.

 Do I need balance /skills/experience? No, none at all :-)

Can I just hire a kayak?  No! You cannot hire kayaks in Tasmania unless it's in a puddle due to safety concerns by insurance companies

What time does the tour start?  Depends on the weather?  but generally 7.30 am in summer and 10 am in winter.

Where do I meet you?  I will send you a map with clear directions 

Can i go if I have a disability? YES ! we will find a way!

How do I pay? You can pay cash or EFT.

Are you kayaks stable? Yes!!!! Very :-)

I have a bad  knee, can I still go?  Yes :-) The pedal system is very easy to use and most people don,t have a problem (I have a bad knee), but if your knee gets sore? I can tow you (I am stronger than I look)

Are they paddle kayaks ?  No! The kayaks are PEDAL NOT PADDLE !!!

What do I bring? Water and snacks

What do I wear? Comfortable sun smart clothes suitable for the conditions.

Will I get wet? No! unless you fall in. I have had 3 people fall in in 3 years (one of them was me,,, I got complacent)

Can I bring my phone? Yes I provide a waterproof lunch box to put your phone in however phones have fallen in (including mine, complacent again) so there is a risk  :-) 

Are there toilets? Georges Bay has toilets however  Bush wee in all other locations.

 Can I bring back pack, camera, drone? Yes ! There is plenty of dry storage on the kayaks.

How much do your kayaks cost?  $5000 each


All Adventures Require No Previous Experience


George's Bay St Helens


Georges Bay is a world class kayaking and fishing destination.  The view is diverse and beautiful, with exceptional fishing all year round . Two hour and four hour + tours available weather permiting 

Best suited to smaller groups as the bay can be affected by strong sea breeze.

Enquiries or bookings email:

                                  Mob/txt: 0435 914 869 


Scamander River

Scamander River is a kayakers dream.  The river snakes its way inland, through a mix of classic Tasmanian farmland and eucalypt forest covered hills, which tumble into deep green/blue water.  The spectacular scenery and the winding nature of this river is constantly inviting you to see what is around the next corner. Tour goes for 4 hours +.  2 hours up river and 2 hours back with a rest break on Goat Island on the way up and back.  Time goes fast on the water. 

Scamander River is a sheltered, family friendly, all weather location and only 20 minutes from St Helens.  Scamander River is perfect for kids, beginners and larger groups.  No experience necessary.

Enquiries or bookings email:

                 Mob/txt: 0435 914 869         Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs


Ansons Bay and River

Anson's Bay and river is unique, diverse and breathtaking.   Anson’s River winds its way into the bay from the western high country of Mt William National Park through steep eucalyptus / iron bark covered hills and fern filled gully’s. Tour is 4 hours + Ansons Bay is 35 min drive north of St Helens

Ansons Bay and River is a sheltered, family friendly, all weather location and only 30 minutes from St Helens.  It's perfect for kids, beginners and larger groups.  No experience necessary.  Parks and Wildlife pass essential.

Enquiries or bookings email:

              Mob/txt: 0435 914 869 Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs 


Gem Hunting Tours

Secret River Gem Hunting Tours gives you the opportunity to explore  North East Tasmania's tin mining history while hunting for precious gems in rugged rainforest covered mountains. The clear mountain streams yield world class Sapphire, Topaz, Zircon, Spinel, Ruby Tin. and other crystalised minerals.

                          All equipment and safety gear provided.

Enquiries or bookings (not taking bookings as yet as we are waiting on final approval however feel free to lodge expressions of interest)


              Mob/txt: 0435 914 869 


Secret River Gem Hunting Tour


Tour includes transport to and from the location approx 1 hour travel from St Helens to the "secret" location (20 min from Derby), 3 to 4 hours fossicking, and a stop in at the Weldborough Pub for a beer on the way home is optional.

Total tour 6 - 7 hours.  

My 4wd can seat 4 passengers comfortably. Over 4 people can "tag along" in their own vehicle.  2wd locations available.

I provide all digging and prospecting equipment, gum boots, gloves, safety glasses.

Enquiries or bookings 


              Mob/txt: 0435 914 869 


Secret River Summer Tours 



Secret River Tours also do 2 hour "short tours"  on Georges Bay leaving from the Wharf Boat Ramp St Helens (Weather Permitting). 

You can either book by email or phone  

$60 p/p or $200 p/f 2 hour tours :-)

Enquiries or bookings email:

              Mob/txt: 0435 914 869


What to Expect?

  • Contact me via email phone or txt and make a booking

  • I will txt you the details (where and when to meet, what to bring, what to wear, weather details ect) 2 days before the tour.

  • Please dress in comfortable, sun smart clothing similar to bush walking that suits the weather forecast. 

  • In the colder months  bring a spare set of clothes. 

  • Please bring food/snacks of your choice and plenty of water.  

  • I will bring water, fruit, sunscreen, spare hats as a back up. 

  •  Gem Hunting Tours  

  • Wear older clothes  and bring spare set of clothes and socks. 

  • If you have a wet suit or waders, bring them along

  •  I provide all equipment necessary for the Gem Hunting Tours including tools, gloves, gum boots and safety glasses.  If you are allergic to jack jumper ants  let me know and bring your epipen


Enquiries or bookings email:

                                    Mob/txt: 0435 914 869 



The North East Coast of Tasmania is recognized as a world class sports fishing destination.  Secret River Tours promotes and practices tournament style lure fishing with catch, photograph and release.  So if you’re looking for a personalized experience with the satisfaction of tracking down, and catching that trophy Bream or Trevally, and watching it swim away, you’re in the right place. Although monster bream are the favored species for most, other fish include big silver trevally,  Flathead, Australian salmon, Whiting, Snapper,Tailor and Mackerel just to name a few.  All fishing gear provided.

Enquiries or bookings 


              Mob/txt: 0435 914 869 


Hobie Luxury Kayaks

The Hobie Pro Angler is not your normal run of the mill kayak. They are the ultimate in user friendly kayaks.  Comfort, simplicity and stability equals excellent safety and client satisfaction for all levels of experience.  The Pro Angler is powered by the efficient push pedal system which allows you to be hands free and travel further with less effort.  



I have 5 single kayaks and a large double kayak (max 6 people)


Scamander River

$125 per adult (Single or couples)

$100 per adult for 3 or more adults. 

$60 p/ child under 16 (Max 7 people)

Departs 7.30 am  Upper Scamander RD Jetty (C421) 

Scamander River is a sheltered, family friendly, is suitable for beginners, 20 minutes from St Helens/ 5 min from Scamander

Georges Bay St Helens

$125 per adult (Single or couples)

$100 per adult for 3 or more adults. 

$60 p/ child under 16 (Max 7 people)

Departs 7.30 am from St Helens Wharf boat ramp 

 Tour subject to favorable tide and weather conditions.

Anson's Bay and River

$125 per adult (Single or couples)

$100 per adult for 3 or more adults. 

$60 p/ child under 16 (Max 7 people)

Departs 8 am from Ansons Bay boat ramp. 

Ansons Bay and River is a sheltered, family friendly and suitable for beginners, and only 30 minutes from St Helens

Gem Hunting Tours

Will be taking bookings very soon.  I have the final approval. Just need to sign the final contract :-)


Enquiries or bookings 


              Mob/txt: 0435 914 869

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Please book through email or mobile phone. Please feel free to contact me (Mark) if you have any questions.  

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